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Thompson Park Rec Trail

Gravel road at first Going around the back side of park turing into a single track through forest, some easy to moderate descents and then direct climbs through out the trail, about mid way through the trail becomes somewhat technical with hairpin turns through small trees and underbrush on very thin trail. The trail then connects to a nature walk trail if you take a right and go up about 200 meters there is another trail on the left leading through a tight brush section up a climb and you can oversee an old rock quarry below, going down to it is steep and a shart right at the bottom then over moderate size rocks leading into more forect and then through some soft dirt and mud, continue like this untill end of trail and exits on paved road on other side of park.

Directions: From Watertown Travel north on States street to Park Road, turn right, Go around circle and up hill to park. Trail will begin in several places but easiest is at the top of hill on left starting off as a gravel road turning into a single track.