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Morris Bridge Park

The bike tail begins behind the rest rooms, follow the footbridge under the road, then follow the two-track south. The trails are a little sandy in spots and it floods during heavy rains. If summer, spray yourself with anti-mosquito spray. Approximately 10-15 miles of trails. If you hook-up with someone who knows the area, they can connect you with another 10-15 miles of trails.

Directions: "Exit I-75 at Fletcher Ave (exit 266). Turn left (east) and Flectcher becomes Morris Bridge Road. Follow the road until you approach a bridge. The bike trails are on your right, and there are two entracnes. The first is .5 miles from the I-75 exit. Look for a brown sign on the right, turn right and park by the fence. The trails go north and east from here. The second entrance is at Morris Bridge Park, 3 miles from the I-75 exit. Look for a brown sign, turn left into the park. The park has rest rooms, water fountains and a hose for washing muddy bikes.