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Lawton Park

Visitors to Lawton Park can enjoy leisurely strolls down a wide pathway that carries the visitor through hills, woods and grassy lawns. There is also a dirt path that winds its way around maple trees and leads to three old picnic tables, as well as more primitive paths blazed by neighborhood children.

Directions: Heading North on I-5:

Take the Mercer St exit
Go right at first stoplight
At next set of stoplights go left
Stay in far right lane that merges onto Westlake Ave N.
Follow Westlake until you reach the Nickerson St.
Go straight on Nickerson St past Fremont Bridge and Seattle Pacific University.
Staying in left lane follow the sign to the Ballard Bridge/Emerson St.
At 3 way stop take a left onto a ½ circle viaduct and follow Emerson
Emerson becomes W Thurman St.
Turn right onto 24th Ave W
Then, take an immediate left onto W Thurman
Turn left onto 26TH Ave W.