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Eye Of The Needle

This trail is not for beginners. Its short but very fast and technical. There are numerous switchbacks with a steep rock garden at the bottom. The trail is maintained by the Los Angeles Fire Department. Warning: There is a step drop off on your left the entire way down and the bridges may be sketchy when wet. Trail becomes very scenic during the winter with snowfall and views of Santa Clarita. I did put shuttle but the road is easily rideable.

Directions: Exit off 14 freeway at sandcanyon. If your heading east then make a right when you get off. Heading west than make a left. Drive all the way to the Santa Clara Truck Trail. There is a viewpoint with parking just before the ranger station. Dont go through the gate if you think you wont be back before sundown. Ride all the way to the top just before Fire Camp 9 on top of the 4 mile paved road. There will be a water tank on your right. The trail is just passed the water tank and it will take you straight back to your car. I did put shuttle but the road is easily rideable.


Santa%20Clarita, CA