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Portland Japanese Gardens

The Garden is a living “classroom” that offers tremendous opportunities for experiential learning to all who enter its gates. The lessons of the Portland Japanese Garden are many and varied; not only does it speak about the way trees grow and how moss forms on stone, but also about the lives and culture of the people who designed and nurtured this enduring art form.


Stop into our Concierge Office if you would like more information about Garden tours, events, or any other questions you might have. The Concierge can also help you purchase a Garden membership. The price of your admission ticket can be applied directly toward your new membership.Once you’ve reached the top of the hill, you will enter the Cultural Village designed by world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma. The Cultural Village provides a place where visitors can immerse themselves in traditional Japanese arts through seasonal activities, performances, and demonstrations in the Tateuchi Courtyard.


Immerse yourself in Japanese culture with the soft sounds of koto (Japanese harp) or shakuhachi flute whispering through the Garden, a demonstration on the exquisite yukata (Japanese kimono), learn about chado (the Way of Tea) during a tea demonstration, or discover the delicate beauty of ikebana (the art of flower arranging.)While you’re in the Cultural Village, visit the Jordan Schnitzer Japanese Arts Learning Center where you may encounter a variety of ever-changing cultural demonstrations in the Cathy Rudd Cultural Corner.


Our Pavilion gallery, located in the Flat Garden, features 3-4 exhibitions per year. This space is complemented by the Tanabe gallery, located in the Learning Center of the Cultural Village, which features a changing series of exhibitions throughout the year.As a work of art in its own right, the Portland Japanese Garden is also a natural vehicle through which to explore Japanese art and design. The series of Art in the Garden exhibitions explore ideas and aesthetics integral to the fabric of life in Japan. By looking outside Western notions of fine art vs craft, the work chosen for exhibition aims instead to define the spirit of this complex culture and to reflect, whenever possible, the beauty of nature and the Garden itself.

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