LegalShield Independent Associate Cindy Eastman

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I had the opportunity to use my Legal Shield coverage almost immediately upon signing up. I was very pleased to find that I was put through immediately to an attorney. The attorney discussed my issue with me in detail and also made it clear I was welcome to call and follow up with any questions. 

I was impressed with the quality of service as well as the quick connection time. I am very pleased to have Legal Shield coverage for myself and for my business.


Kristin Taylor

Thanks, Kristen.  I'm glad you got the plan that includes your business as well.  My best to you, always.  

I contacted Cindy about Legal Shield due to some issues my family was having to deal with . She never "sold" me LS, she listened to our challenges and sincerely wanted to help. She explained what could possibly happen and how we could be prepared for what was about to come.

We enrolled and she was more than right! The first time we had to use LS, it saved us $2000 just in a retainer fee. Since the process began, we have saved an additional $5000. 

After seeing the benefit on that level, I also added the business and they have helped me with late notices, contracts, and advice....Legal Sheild is priceless!

My business is built upon contractual agreements with other businesses and when other people break their contract, it puts my small business at big risk. This was exactly what prompted me to sign up for LegalShield with Cindy. I was able to receive legal counsel within the same day of signing up. With the attorney's help, I was able to put action steps in to place that helped me find a solution to a problem and I didn't have to do it alone. The attorneys with LegalShield are professional, kind, and respond quickly. Thank you Cindy for bringing this to my business when I needed it most.

Lynn Wenger
Owner/Operator of WebProdigy, LLC

Thank you, Lynn.  You do wonderful work and I'm glad I could support you and your business.