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Costa Rica - Blue Horizon is offering best surfing lessons in the Costa Rica for the new learners. Blue Horizon is among the best rates surfing schools in the Costa Rica with a team of highly professional instructors.

Costa Rica is among those few nations that doesn’t have any land borders. That means Costa Rica is been surrounded by the sea and ocean from all the sides. The costa line of the Costa Rica is more than 7000 kilometers and which makes it a great surfing destination.

Every year, thousands of surfers and enthusiasts from different corners of the world come to Costa Rica in order to enjoy surfing in its vibrant and astonishing beaches. Surfing in the cost lines of Manuel Antonio and Quepos is always been a great experience, however, sometimes it could become dangerous, because these regions are known for high tides during the summers.

Even if you are a professional surfer still it could be difficult for you to surf during high tides because you are not familiar with the local climate. Therefore, before getting into the water for surfing make sure you take some surf lessons in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica.  

Blue Horizon is a recognized and trusted surfing school in the Costa Rica with a team of highly experienced and skilled instructors who will help you to learn surfing rom basic to advance level. It doesn’t  matter whether you have some technical knowledge about surfing or not, Blue Horizon will help you to learn everything about surfing.

Words from company spokesperson

“Blue Horizon is overjoyed to welcome our guest to Costa Rica and enjoy surfing. We will teach you the basics and advanced lessons of surfing and apart from that we will also help you in finding the best vacation home in Costa Rica.”

Testimonials from clients

“First ever surf lesson. Stood up loads of times. Felt really well cared for by our very professional teachers. Safe sized swell. Great equipment. Well worth the cost. Give this new company a try. You'll have an awesome time.”

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About Blue Horizon

The man behind the Blue Horizon is Diego Morales. He was born and raised in the small town of Quepos in the central pacific coast of Costa Rica. He learned his passion for the ocean and waves very early in his life and grew up Surfing around Costa Rica.