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Deadhorse Loop

This is originally an old NORBA route used for training/racing, a very fun & challenging trail, there are just several jeep roads running up and down the hillsides here confusing things a bit.

Heading west under the power line at about .2 of a mile there will be a singletrack off to the left, this will be the trail you come out on if you ride the whole loop. Continuing on the trail soon leaves the power line and takes off into the foothills crossing a couple ravines and creek beds but continually climbing. This isn’t a really steep grade but the tread is small loose gravel with a few tech spots thrown in making it tough going. About 2 miles later you have done most of the climbing for this ride except for a few short sections here & there.

This route is marked pretty well except for a couple places, this is one of them- follow a jeep rd down the hill .2 of a mile, staying right keep your eye on the other bike tracks as they follow a jeep rd through a ravine and then turn left on the other side, there are signs from here on. The trail soon leaves the road and becomes a fast and challenging singletrack for a couple miles. Lots of rocks, small drops and banked corners with cacti for guard rails line this section that eventually comes to another road. Follow this to the right for less than a hundred yards and hang a left at the marker and then follow the singletrack off road. This next half mile section is called the Devils Escalator, sorry but your going up here- steep with switchbacks but nothing to technical, at the top catch your breath, enjoy the view and follow the road right down the hill and then the singletrack at the bottom.

This section is all a gradual grade down making a very fast ride across the desert sand and cactus. 3 miles later and after paralleling a road for a little while watch for a trail heading across the road to the left and another singletrack heading back up the other side, this will be the trail that leads you back north. An overlook on the ridge gives you a great view of the entire Vegas valley. The singletrack runs alongside the road for a while then takes off, climbs just over a small rise and then heads down into Red Canyon, a fast and technical course through rocks and trees in a tight canyon. About halfway down you come to an intersection with a short connector trail that leads up to the Badger Pass Loop tr.

Continuing on down the canyon you will end up a paring lot and will be able to see where you originally parked about .6 of a mile away. As you start down the road you can take it all the way to your car, or if you still havent had enough take a trail across the road that turns into another mile of singletrack winding its way back to the original trail under the powerline.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After reading this description it does seem a bit much, however out there on the trail its really not that difficult at all. Most all of the intersections are marked and its really easy just to follow the other tire tracks. It also sounds like a lot of jeep road riding but not that much, if the singletrack hit’s a road watch for it to exit the other side very shortly.

Directions: On Hwy 160 (the road to Pahrump, NV) about 15 miles west of Vegas and 4.5 miles W of the junction of Hwy 159 (Red Rocks Dr) there will be a nice paved trailhead parking lot on the right (North) side of the Hwy. This is access for the Blue Diamond trail network and the Badger Pass tr. Pass this and watch for an unmarked dirt rd on the south side of the Hwy in just about 1 mile. Turn here and park in the first parking lot a couple hundred yards down the road. The singletrack actually begins back towards the Hwy underneath the large power line.


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