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What do you think about an access road, side walks and smaller speed bumps in the Lake Grove Neighborhood?


May I suggest another access road from Boones Ferry road, leading down to the Lake?  Bryant is over used and the little sides streets are being used as access roads to Bryant to get up and down from the lake.  Suggestion: Access from Boones Ferry Road to Lakeview, via a new access road on Upper near the "pink house".  This will alleviate the congestion we get on Bryant Rd.  PLEASE DON'T BRING IN MORE CONDOS UNTIL THE ACCESS ROAD AND CONGESTION CAN BE SOLVED. I am asking a simple access road for residents, not a major blvd.

We also have little children moving into the neighborhood as young successful families buy homes.  This is a hazard that can be remedied by adding sidewalks and smaller speed bumps, primarily on Sunset Drive, the back alley behind the LO Dance Academy.  Drivers use this alley to get access to Bryant and there are alot of children coming in and out of that academy.  I almost was hit a number of times, They drive over the wide speed bumps as though an invitation to do a stunt. 

We are also loosing alot of our natural wildlife.  Development along Iron Mountain is strange.  Who owns this land and why is the city selling parsels of this land to developers? 

Positives are the Zupans market, and the exercise equipment added to Waluga park, all bringing people out of their homes and into the community.  Need a small lot converted to a small residential resting spot on Sunset.  There is a nice lot there for this.

Too many banks in a quarter miles on Boones Ferry.  6 the last time I counted.  The side walks are too small on BF.  Someone is going to get hit if the side walk isn't widened between Kruse and Bryant.  


Thats all for now.


Teresa Thacker

4400 Sunset Drive #2

Lake Grove, 97035


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I agree

Anonymous - Jul 23, 2015 05:43 AM Reply