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You can't do better than a soothing facial from Debbie Kho at Skin Sense Spa. She'll tailor your facial to exactly what you need. 

I just had my first Oxygen Facial from Debbie Kho. It was amazing! She said it is like a face lift in a flash and it replaces Botox and also illuminates, hydrates and brightens the skin from the inside out. She also said it is the red carpet choice of Hollywood celebrities.

I really felt like my skin was "plumped" up, many of my wrinkles were gone and my skin was very smooth and soft. Her touch is gentle and her work is so wonderful to experience. I can highly recommend her whether for an oxygen facial or any of the other facial treatents she uses.

This week I was blessed beyond belief with the most relaxing facial I have ever had.  Not only did Debbie make my face so soft and glowing, she also was able to make me relax!  I wasn't easy but she wouldn't take no for an answer and by the time she was done, I almost couldn't get up!  She also took a lot of time to get to know my skin care habits and has a wealth of information on skin care products and was able to give me direction into what products are best for my skin!!  Thank you Debbie!!

It's hands down for your skin care! Amazing service from Debbie. Thank you for your kind spirit and extra special care!

Can't wait for the next session!

Thanks Dawn!  Love working with you!