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Should the marijuana dispensary ban be extended in Lake Oswego?


The Lake Oswego City Council asked City Attorney David Powell on Tuesday to draft an ordinance that would extend the city’s ban on marijuana dispensaries and eventually be referred to voters in the November 2016 general election.

Possession of recreational marijuana became legal statewide July 1, although it has remained illegal to sell the drug for recreational uses. That will change on Oct. 1, though, thanks to an “early sales” law enacted by the 2015 Legislature that will allow medical marijuana dispensaries to sell limited amounts of recreational cannabis while the state gets its recreational dispensary program up and running.

Although voters in Lake Oswego approved Measure 91, the city opted for a state-sanctioned moratorium that ended in May 2015 and then used its home rule authority to extend that ban to May 1, 2016. The majority of the council is opposed to retail marijuana facilities of any kind within the city.

House Bill 3400 allows the city to ban such businesses, but because Lake Oswego voters largely supported Measure 91, this can only be done if the ban is referred to voters in the November 2016 general election.

Banning facilities outright could make the city vulnerable to lawsuits; it would also make the city ineligible for state marijuana tax revenues.

Source: Pamplin Media

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