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Barbra Gilman - Transformation Specialist

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Barbara is a powerful, energetic, kind and supportive healer.  The experience I had with her goes beyond anything I have ever experienced.  If you are seeking change in your life, I highly recommend Barbara!


Barbra is a talented teacher and facilitator. And her greatest gift is that she is so fully herself that she gifts you back to yourself. I have made shifts in my life that a year ago would have seemed impossible; coming out of an illness and some deeply seated anger issues, greatly improving my outlook on life, and knowing that I have a choice in creating the course of my future.

Her depth and breathe of life experience makes being with her an expansive, effortless, and joyous experience. I am grateful to have found Access through Barbra Gilman. Access works! 

Access is brilliant! Access is magic! Many paths promise many things and I have been involved in many of them. More change has occurred in my life in one year with Access than all the

years combined using other techniques. If you actually do Access; get your bars run, take the classes and use the tools daily, your life will open in unimaginable ways. You will look back as I have done in awe and amazement.

I have had a physical therapy practice for the last 30 years, and in the last year have added Access processes. Patients report greater improvement, and deeper indescribable changes when I use clearing statements, bars, and body processes. These tools have meshed so beautifully with the myofascial and craniosacral techniques that I use, that they are now just part of what I do.

In a sea of promises, I hope you take this “E” ticket ride to your magical life. I’ll meet you there.


Barbra is a force of nature. Be prepared for big changes in your life when you start to work with her. My personal finances have completely transformed since I took Foundation and Level I with her- and her weekly group calls are the absolute best way to keep the magic coming. Barbra is the UN-sticker of all that is stagnant and stuck. She should change her name to Barbra Butter!

Barbras Gilman's generative contribution in both Foundation and Level 1 was an inspiration to me. As a long time practitioner, I particularly appreciated her depth of recognizing how energy shifts and where a story is threatening to interrupt the flow of the group. Such wisdom and insight, such instant and clear handling speaks of both great love for the people and the work she has chosen. Her long professional career in the personal growth arena has found what appears to be the perfect outlet for her: Access Consciousness works!

OMG Barbra!

After you did the clearing I felt totally different! My voice was different I had my cleverness and sense of humor back and actually had fun with Joe that evening.  I find it so amazing to know that it is possible to change so quickly, even though I hear everyone else in the class sharing their stories.  

Listened two more times that night and woke up asking what glorious adventure am I having today repeatedly. Had a lot of presence and connection with students at class. I felt like I was a better teacher and even complimented myself after class. Unheard of for me to even think that.

With total gratitude,

Gloria  Stuart

Such postive energy! Thanks so much for your impact and focus. 

So glad to have had the opportunity to feel and even see your energy!

This is how I found Barbra Gilman -
Barbra, in her subtle and witty and Mothering way, has taken me by the hand and opened my eyes to the barriers I created that kept ME from being the ME, I CAN TRULY BE. Awareness is a cleansing experience and the tools in Access Consciousness are just that, tools. 
As useful and truly divining as these tools are, in Barbra’s hands, the magic of consciousness is unleashed in a wave of release and wonder.  After the first day of her class, I truly let the wonder of the Universe guide me, and that was it. That very evening I witnessed the magic of my reality literally changing before me. And my Family was instantly warmer, instantly all the angst and frustration in the air of my home magically changed. 
My entire WORLD was opening up before me as I never knew I could BE. I was no longer going through life like an idiot rubbing a lamp wishing it better. I will never BE anything even CLOSE to that again. By the final day of my classes with Barbra the miraculous began to occur and continues! 
Barbra Gilman is now my family, because this is who WE BE. Her wonderful method of reaching into who YOU be, and literally handing you the tools you require to unlock your potential, and unlock YOU. How can it get any better than that? Welcome to the very beginning of all that life has to offer YOU and WHO YOU BE as it comes to YOU 
with the greatest Ease, Joy, and Glory! ~
Dr. Dawn Stanton MD

Good Morning Barbra,

Yesterday’s “conversation” with you was a milestone of sorts.

First, in listening to the recording last night, it became very clear to me how remarkably good you are at what you do. I would call it work, but it really comes across as passion – articulate, focused passion - saturated with intelligence. Wow.

Second, the fact that I was working on “having a relationship” was a miracle since I have spent my entire, willful, self-focused life insuring that I WOULDN’T have one!

Third, that in spite of my relative inarticulateness about describing the “relationship issues” that brought me to the conversation with you, you picked up on what I experience as the breadth and depth of the connection with Steve that underlies all of the exterior static that seems (seemed) to surround it. I don’t know what antennae and filters you use to discern the “truth” but I trust that you have them in spades.

Fourth, I came to a place where validation of the of the fact that we could make this relationship work after your processing occurred in a space of trust and acceptance. I get it. (At least as you demonstrate its efficacy). Thank you X 10 (or 11). Looking forward to our next session and what that will create!

With gratitude
Sharon Cooper, New Jersey

Good morning Barbra!

Just want to tell you about a couple of things that have been interesting and wonderful.....

First, since I saw you a week ago, I feel like I look different! All I can say is that it seems like a cloud of bitterness around me has dissolved, whatever that means.....Whenever I do the energy exercise you gave me, I actually feel as if there is a light breeze around my heart! It's lovely.

I had a very strong physical reaction last Wednesday, I was driving and all of a sudden felt this surge of an awful feeling energy flood through my body, the sense I got was this was something terrible I've been hauling around for about 100 years..... I thought I was going to have to pull over and be ill! I remembered your voice saying “use your tools” so I did and I feel like I can move forward for the first time in my life.

I had an annoying meeting last Tuesday, with a non-profit group I'm involved with, about a specific goal we were trying to reach, and the conversation was not going at all the way I hoped. After about 1 1/2 hours of torture, I thought, I'll try one of the processes, and I did, and the conversation turned instantly, and we got to the desired outcome within minutes. That was astonishing.

SO many other little things have occurred that have felt like miracles, I 'm so grateful for you and your wonderful gift.

Much affection and good wishes for the day,
Lisa Hall, Lake George, NY

Every time I talk with Barbra, its makes me happy, and through our conversations I find more possibilities that I haven't seen before - She blasts the heaviness right open - and it makes me feel so much more hopeful for my future.

Barbara, thank you for showing me how to look at my greatness and that I am a bright shining light!!! :-)

Madeline Neagle, NYC

I’ve been wanting to write this and again don’t know what to say. Just to say "thank you" really isn’t enough. I truly appreciate your caring and the amount you have gone far out of your way for me and for others. I’ve had such difficult relationships with teachers in the past, and never been with one so generous on so many levels.
Thank you and bless you and all your endeavors.

Ellen Sadowski, NY

Hi Barbara,

I'm still processing all that resulted from yesterday's phenomenal adventure in raising our awareness!

As you know, I fell into panic mode just prior to the class, tying myself up with all the what ifs I could think of. All I succeeded in doing was locking
myself into a state of analysis paralysis, and blinding myself.

Thank Goodness I made the choice to show up and let go....... This morning I awoke with a clarity about my business that I haven't experienced in quite
some time. All of the other distractions and "clutter" in my life (and I mean that literally, as we pack our home and prepare to move everything out for the remodeling we're doing.)

For the first time in a long time, I didn't need a "to do" list. I just Knew what needed to be done and I did it, without distraction or hesitation! I called in Creativity this morning as
I repeated my mantra and wow, it showed up in a big way!! I couldn't write as fast as I was thinking!

I feel positive and confident about my personal growth, the quality of all I do and be, and best of all, I now know that I can continue to be MORE, BETTER, GREATER, EVERYDAY!

Thank you so much for what you do, how you teach and coach, and for unlocking the limitless potential that so many of us have been stuffing into our small little boxes!

Looking forward to the next step, FOUNDATION!

HUGS, Carrie E B.A.SW, C.Ht. NLP Master Practitioner

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