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Iron Mountain Trail

From the trailhead you can either ride straightish to fairway road. This is 1.5 track gravel & dirt. Or you can

ride down and about halfway there will be a switchback. Take this and it's rocky rooty technical and fun and

at the end there's some flowy twisty singletrack, which ends at Brookside rd. This is the reccomended route.

Also along the trail there are hardly noticable, very steep and fun switchbacks that go down the mountain to

iron mountain road, but these are unmarked so use them with caution.

Directions: From I5, take the exit onto Kruse Way. Then head left on Kruse Way until you hit Boones Ferry. Take

another left on Boones Ferry and then take a right on Twin Fir. Then take a left onto Wembley Park and then

a right onto Glen Eagles. The trailhead will be up the road a little ways to the right.


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