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Leslie designed and created all of the new graphics and branding for - and I'm super happy with the results. We've received numerous compliments on the new logo and feel it captures the essence of the artistic and elegant Lake Oswego community.

Leslie was also fantastic to work with and was able to turn around the design in just a few days. She's a lot of fun, very collaborative, and takes pride in her work... which really shows!

I'm looking forward to working with her to personalize and brand many other of quickly-growing communities.

Rick Palmer - CEO, Community Scene (and proud new owner of I Love LO)

Amazing work of art! Lake Oswego Graphics and Fine Printing will provide you with amazing, authentic designs that are part of YOUR personality!

Stand out from the others - or order from "V"'s your brand so you choose how big to make it!


Leslie Ann recently finished my brand and I'm thrilled. Along with all the oos and awwws about how beautiful it is, the consistent feedback I've received from the people who know me best is, "She really get's you!"  "She sees  you!"  "Wow, she really captured both your personal essence and the essence of your practice."
 And on and on.  Leslie Ann takes the time to get to  know you; she both sees and listens, and then at some mystical point known only to her, all the raw information she's gathered from your time together somehow transmutes into a simple point of light that captures you in a way you didn't know existed.  It 's a stunning process that ends in a very real very tangible result.

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