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3 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Business Page on Community Scene

As marketers, we all know website traffic isn’t the end goal - but it’s one of the most important ways to increase revenue. More eyeballs on your business page typically means more customers making purchases.

Here are 3 recommendations for increasing traffic to your business page. They're easy and won't blow your budget (in fact, 2 of them are even free).

1. Share your page on social media (Free):

You'll see sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and several other popular networks at the top of your Community Scene business page. All it takes is a single share and you'll immediately get visitors to your page for free.

2. Paid ads

We use a simple and affordable advertising model - you choose the page where you want your business logo to be advertised, and you only pay a low flat rate for unlimited page views and unlimited clicks.

3. Contribute content in return for FREE advertising

Every time you add a page to Community Scene or announce an event, your business logo will automatically be displayed on the sidebar of that page.

That's a completely free advertising option, and your ad will stay there indefinitely - at no cost.