How to build a community for fun and profit

What is a community?

A community is usually a city such as Sherwood, Oregon where Community Scene is headquartered. But it can also be a neighborhood, a school, a home owner's association, a parent/teacher association, or even a rental apartment complex.

Communities are hierarchical starting with country, then state, then city (e.g. United States -> Oregon -> Sherwood). An event or update posted in the Sherwood community will also be seen in the Oregon community, which is it's "parent" community.

The most important parts of a community are as follows:

  • people who live in the community
  • what's happening in the community (events, updates, voting polls)
  • community guide (the pages about the community's parks, libraries, schools, churches, etc)
  • local businesses that provide products and services the community needs.

How can I build a community?

We've already built communities for over 18,000 cities in the USA, but we need pictures of each community and a description of what makes each community unique and noteworthy. You can email us these items and we will update the community homepage.

We also can post several events on the event calendar as time permits, but there's no substitue for "feet on the street" and "eyes in the field". You're far more knowledgeable about local events and activities than we are, so we hope you'll post events on the community calendar. You can also post updates and voting polls that describe what's happening in your community, and that encourage community members to voice their thoughts and weigh in with their opinions.

When you post events, updates, discussion and polls on Community Scene, you can also drive traffic to those pages by sharing them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc). Sharing also helps other people discover Community Scene for the first time, and encourages them to get involved.

How do I make money?

Community Scene lets you quickly generate an income stream by building and promoting a community, thanks to our affiliate program where you can earn thousands of dollars working from home, at your own pace and on your own hours.

What do local businesses get from listing in a community?

Businesses are struggling to survive in our current economy, and Community Scene raises visibility of local businesses and helps connect them with local consumers. 

We give each business a free listing page in their community directory, which gives them a name, phone, and street address, company photo, sidebar banner ad, video, customer testimonials, a website link, five-heart ratings and more. 

Whew - that was a mouthful! smiley

Of course, we recognize that many businesses will want to stand above the crowd and get noticed by local consumers who are viewing the community pages, and we offer those businesses the option to upgrade to a Premium Business Account.

What else can I do to help?

Get involved. You can blog about your community, and can comment on anything you find interesting.

Provide feedback. Use the contact form to let us know what you like and also areas where you see a need for improvement, or to let us know about an idea you have.

Thanks for joining Community Scene and we look forward to connecting with you on the largest social network for communities!

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