Community Scene is the hub of your social networking strategy


If I asked you which social networks are part of your marketing strategy - how you plan to get the word out to the masses about your website or your company - you'd probably rattle off a few well known networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or a couple others.

And rightly so. Those networks are where millions of people gather for various reasons, and they form important pieces of your strategy for getting noticed on the Internet.

The key to the puzzle however, is how much effort is required to post and share your content to each of these networks, and the type of audiences that each network represents. Here's a quick breakdown of a few popular social networks:

  • Facebook is for connecting with friends and family.
  • LinkedIn is for connecting with your work colleagues.
  • Twitter is for letting the world know what you're doing.
  • Community Scene is for connecting with your community

That means members of the city you live in, or care about... in other words, local viewers. And local viewers represent highly targeted consumers. Do you see the connection?

If you're a business, that means your strategy to get noticed on the Internet needs to include Community Scene.

And the great news is we help you execute your full network marketing strategy because we also post your content to the other social networks, and empower you to share your content with built-in sharing buttons on everything you post on Community Scene.

We typically see at least 50 to 100 views the first day for content posted on Community Scene, as a result of us sharing to other social networks (in addition to traffic from our 80,000+ monthly readers).

So the next time you think about getting the word out about an upcoming workshop, or want to share your perspective on an important community-related topic, I invite you to maximize your social networking strategy by posting it on Community Scene.

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