Community involvement shows community support

If you were asked to name 3 local business owners who are the most active in your community, which ones come to mind?

You can probably rattle off a few names of logos you've seen on signs around your city, or postcards you've received in the mail. And there are dozens of other businesses who contribute to fund-raisers for local schools, non-profits, and churches.

I want to give local businesses more visibility in the community, by show-casing their community contributions on their business listing page. 

I'll use Leslie Akin of Lake Oswego Graphics as an example of a business owner who is actively involved in the community, both by providing graphic design to hundreds of clients and also by leading a local chapter of Chicks Connect - helping local business women connect and grow their respective businesses.

Actions speak louder than words, and those of you who have had the priviledge of working with Leslie know exactly what I mean when I say she is a very active supporter of the Lake Oswego community and the people who live there. 

Click on the first image in this post to see a list of events she has contributed in the Lake Oswego Community Scene. The second image shows the contributions of Jewels Muller, CEO of Chicks Connect - who is also very actively involved in dozens of communities as she travels across the nation inspiring business women and equipping them for success.

All premium business listing pages show the contributions that business has contributed to on Community Scene, whether it's events they have hosted/sponsored, fund-raisers they've supported, or community updates they've posted about what's happening in their community, and... soon to come: the blogs they've posted in the community. 

Community Scene is all about that "community", and this is one other way I'm trying to raise visibility of the local businesses that I believe are the foundation of all communities across our wonderful nation.

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LakeOswegoGraphics's picture

I love how Community Scene is expanding the possibilities for people who depend on business in their own communities. Posting classes and events free is a huge plus, knowing that Community Scene is receiving mega-traffic. I'm receiving branding clients from my premium listing, so Community Scene is working!

LakeOswegoGraphics - Nov 11, 2015 10:45 AM Reply
Rick Palmer - CEO's picture

Thanks for the kind words, Leslie. I'm happy to hear we are having an impact and glad you're seeing tangible results in the form of new clients!

Rick Palmer - CEO - Nov 11, 2015 02:10 PM Reply

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