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Can you answer these 3 questions about your community?

Some people just naturally seem to know everything about the city they live in. I think that's driven by a genuine caring heart and a healthy sense of curiosity about the people they live with.

If you're reading this and you're THAT person, then you probably have immediate answers to the following 3 questions:

1. If someone were new to the area, what are 5 things they HAVE to do in the first 30 days?

2. What are the top breakfast, lunch and dinner spots in your city?

3. Name 3 things your city is famous for.

If that's YOU... please leave a comment below, or shoot me an email ( because I'd like to invite you to use Community Scene as your platform for sharing your knowledge with thousands of others in your community who are seeking answers.

If that's YOU, and you own a company, then it will be even more important for us to connect because Community Scene automatically shows your company logo next to everything you post. That translates into free advertising for your community.

Here's how it works:

Every time you share your knowledge - posting tips about places to eat, things to do and see, and upcoming must-see events - people in your community will read those posts and see your company logo in the sidebar. And of course you can share those posts on social media to drive even more traffic, which means connecting in a meaningful way with lots of local community members (ie. local customers).

To get started, just create an account on Community Scene and then create a business listing page. It's all free, and be sure to add a business logo to your listing page when you create it.

Once your listing page is created, then you'll have access to the "Create" menu, where you'll see options for creating News Updates, Events and Polls... or you can even share Blog Posts about things you care about in your community.

There are thousands of people across the nation and around the world, who are very interested in what's happening in their community and would like to learn from you. I hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to have a big impact, while also getting free advertising for your business.

Rick Palmer - CEO, Community Scene