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Saving Lives

L. Conrad Wilson is a motivational speaker and an athlete whose life mission is to provide help and opportunity to others through his passion - sports.

Conrad is a motivational speaker and an athlete. His undergrad education was in sociology with a focus on delinquent adolescent behavior. He also attained a masters degree in Social Work. This has afforded him the opportunity to connect and understand young people, especially high school athletes Through obedience and hard work, Conrad has been blessed to work with several professionals, their families and numerous college students and athletes. 

Conrad's near death experience is what made him believe that he survived to tell his story. In this book, he shared the unfortunate events that took place when he was a little kid and how those bad experiences help him to see his greatness. This book will enlighten you that there is no reason to hate your life just because things are not going exactly the way you want.

"My lifetime mission is to help those who have helped me. I'm here to help you with athletics, academics, relationships, friendships; to talk about things that are difficult to talk about and most of all, be willing to listen. We're all talented in many areas and our life mission is to use that talent, outsource that talent, and help others become the best."

Take advantage of the things you have learned by not letting other people go through the same struggles. Find something that you love and be good at it. Don't let anything stop you from dreaming and achieving your goals. Time is scarce. We only have one life to live so make the most out of it. 

"This is one of the most heartfelt stories that I've heard. One important lesson in this book is that we shouldn't let our past define who we are. Everything happens for a reason. You may not understand it now, but you will at the right time." Steve Kidd, host of Thriving Entrepreneur Radio.

The book launched on Amazon Wednesday, March 9 and Became a best seller. Coach Conrad Wilson's book is available in a digital version or paperback now on Amazon!

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