4.11.2016 #CoachConrad

Speaking at Youth for Christ Central Valley, Modesto, CA

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"Thanks to Nita Brady (an amazing volunteer!!), Juvenile Hall had the chance to have Conrad Wilson come in today to do the church service for all the general population units!! Conrad is a former N.B.A. basketball player, coach, and motivational speaker that loves Jesus!! It really was a special assembly, and you could feel the love and wisdom he had to pass on. He brought T-shirts and his book "The Shot Doctor" as prizes for the kids. Before the kids got in the gym, we placed 11 "Winner" stickers under their chairs. At the end of the service, the kids got to look under their chairs to see if they had won. The kids that won got to come up front and shoot a free throw for either a book or T-shirt. The whole gym transformed from rough teenagers to little kids when we gave them the opportunity to be loved on and play basketball!! Conrad also played a game of H.O.R.S.E. with a few lucky kids. Well- maybe not so lucky once Conrad warmed up! Conrad gave his testimony and told the kids how much everyone needs Jesus to save them and then guide them to the path God has for their lives. This was seriously one of the best church services I have ever been to in Juvenile Hall for the past 15 years. Thank you, Conrad, so much, and Nita for making this event happen. God bless"--Ben

We are so blessed to have Ben as our Juvenile Hall chaplain. If you'd like to work with him and the youth he ministers to or if you are passionate about any of the other ministries we offer, please feel free to contact us at scyfc@scyfc.com or (209)522-9568 and we will get you plugged into something that will change your world!