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Tilden Park - Havey Canyon Trail

Fire road, single track, toothpick track and then double track. Good aerobic exercise - best down early morning or early evening to minimize foot traffic.

Directions: Start at the bottom of Canon Drive near pony rides. Head south on Central Park Drive, then immediate left onto Lone Oak Road. Follow around to the left as pavement turns to gravel road, then through the gate onto Loop Road, which meets Wildcat Creek Trail at Jewel Lake. Right onto Wildcat Creek Trail, continuing north into Wildcat Canyon Park. About 1.1 miles after Jewel Lake, right turn off fire road onto single track Havey Canyon Trail. Climb Havey Canyon under eucalyptus trees, cross a creek and through several cattle gates before you emerge on hillside. Continue climbing through another cattle gate up to Nimitz Way (paved). Right turn onto Nimitz, then look for very narrow single track off right that continues roughly parallel to Nimitz, bearing left at large lone oak tree to climb back up to Nimitz Way. Continue on paved Nimitz Way to Inspiration Point. Just past gate near restrooms, make a sharp right onto double track Curran Trail for fun descent down to Wildcat Gorge Trail. Right turn on Wildcat Gorge back to Lone Oak Road returning to the start.