Community Scene is the social network for communities.

Stay in touch with what's happening in your local community, or any community in the nation.

Have a voice in your community by posting updates about your community, announcing upcoming events, and voting on opinion polls.

Find and support local businesses.

What else can you do with Community Scene?

  • Report a lost or stolen item.
  • Organize a Neighborhood Watch program
  • Let neighbors know you found a wandering cat or dog.
  • Organize a neighborhood BBQ
  • Announce a fund raiser
  • Get the word out about a break-in or package theft
  • Ask for help with a project, or to borrow a ladder
  • Sell that old bicycle or weight set
  • Find out if your school is closed

Community Scene is head-quarted in Portland, OR. Call 503-621-8772 with any questions or inquiries.