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Sings the Hits

Sat, Nov 04 - 2:00 pm

Full Price: $18

Discount Price: $5 - $12

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Last year's Can't Talk Right Now introduced us to the radio show Signal Loss, a love letter to the analog era. Now its host, Amanda Bixby, is back with a new episode that faces down multi-generational sexism in the music industry. While interviewing a hot young rock singer, Amanda learns that the singer's hit new record includes a sample from a supposedly lost jazz recording from decades earlier. As Amanda struggles to help the rock singer escape her abusive manager, she must unravel the secret story of how the jazz recording was lost and what happened to the forgotten musicians who performed on it. Sings the Hits is coming to 12th Ave Arts in Seattle.

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12th Ave Arts 1620 12th Ave. Seattle, WA 98122

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