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Free: The History Mystery

Sat, Nov 04 - 2:00 pm

Full Price: $15 - $25

Discount Price: FREE

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From the science of flight to the fight for civil rights, you can give your kids a round-trip ticket through our nation's past with The History Mystery. In this TADA! Youth Theater musical production, three time-traveling students wander through American history and meet historical giants like Ben Franklin, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr. and more. What'll excite young minds the most is they'll be meeting these historical heroes when they were still children. Getting acquainted with the wee Wright Brothers and little Laura Ingalls Wilder will prove to theater-going kids that every big name starts off small. Watch this young cast of New Yorkers march their way through the country's milestones, connecting the dots to the present and paving a way for the future.

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Tada Theatre 15 W 28th St New York City, NY 10001

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