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Free: It Can't Happen Here

Thu, Nov 02 - 7:30 pm

Full Price: $5 - $20

Discount Price: FREE

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Everything moves in cycles, from fashion trends to political movements. Written in 1935 during the rise of fascism in Europe, Sinclair Lewis' darkly satirical It Can't Happen Here follows the ascent of a demagogue who becomes president of the United States by promising to return the country to greatness. Sound familiar? The cautionary satire follows a liberal, middle-class newspaper editor from Vermont who's caught in the chaos of social upheaval. He trusts the system will fix itself... until it all comes crumbling down. The New Yorker called the story "thrilling and grim... an argument for journalism as a basic pillar of democracy." At The Lohman Theatre in Los Altos Hills, Foothill Music Theatre presents this timely and topical play.

Event Location

The Lohman Theatre 12345 El Monte Road Los Altos Hills, CA 94022

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